March 30 2001 

THE TAILOR OF PANAMA opens nationally. Directed by John Boorman. Adapted for the screen by John le Carre, Andrew Davies and director Boorman, from le Carre’s same-titled 1996 novel (a clever updating of Graham Greene’s Our Man In Havana). Pierce Brosnan stars as a louche, self-serving MI6 spy who is shunted off to  the government’s far-flung Panama bureau where he proceeds to enrich himself by feeding his London superiors specious Panamanian government secrets sourced from a locquacious, debt-ridden ex-pat tailor (the excellent Geoffrey Rush). An inventive, finely crafted espionage thriller satirizing the so-called intelligence community’s predilection for covert, immoral skullduggery and farcical foreign flim-flaming. Co-starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Brendon Gleeson and THE Harold Pinter.