I became a film nerd in 1968 when I accompanied my father (who was an avid moviegoer) to a double bill screening of Goldfinger and Thunderball at one of those cavernous, ornate movie palaces that used to be a cherished fixture of every main street in suburbia.  Sean Connery. James Bond. For an eight year-old kid it couldn't have been a better introduction to the world of movies. I was hooked. Over the next ten years I went to see every single film that played at that theater, methodically listing the title and date I saw it in an old ledger book my father had given me. In high school, in addition to writing capsule reviews for the ink-stained eight page high school newspaper as well as a local community rag, I became a regular at a repertory cinema catching up on films from the past 40 years. At university I joined the Film Club and started writing short reviews of dozens of the mainly foreign films that we screened (in 16mm) on campus each weekend. Goddard, Bunuel, Bergman, Renoir, Fellini, Truffaut, Antonioni, Bertolucci, Bresson, Visconti et al. It was the next best thing to attending Film School.

After graduating, at the behest of my father who suggested that becoming an impercunious film reviewer didn't exactly bode well for my future, I reluctantly joined his boutique company, buying and selling upmarket real estate. But the movie-going and part-time reviewing never stopped. Along with the usual weekly releases, I began attending film festivals in various countries. During the 80s and into the late 90s I reviewed over 2300 films for a dozen or more now long gone and forgotten lifestyle magazines, community newspapers and even a couple of soft porn rags - both gay and straight. Being financially self sufficient it mattered little whether I was paid or not; being in print got me into every media screening and the occasional accreditation at one of the smaller film festivals so I was more than happy. It was a hell of a hobby, hell of a time.

Over the past 20 years my movie-going obsession has never abated. Currently I see well over 200 films each year - in a real cinema - not on television or on a laptop. I decided to create this website purely for my own amusement. I mean, everyone's a critic these days, so why not, right? Obviously there was no internet back in the day, so the only way to archive anything was to physically rip out the appropriate page and create a scrapbook. I am now in the process of transferring all those reviews to this site. Rather than scanning then posting the pages, I've decided to re-keyboard the whole damn collection. I've started randomly with the 90s and the reviews are as they were written - no updating, revising, editing or intellectualising. For better or worse, they represent my humble opinion bashed out on a typewriter the night I returned from a screening. On the main page, along with the odd current review, I'm planning to jot down some film-related observations and opinions. Or perhaps an anecdote or two from my peripatetic life on the film circuit over the past 40 years.

If you have stumbled on this site by accident, I hope something may be of passing interest to you. If not, c'est la vie. Oh, and that list of films that I started in that old ledger back in '68?  I have kept at it obsessively. So far the running total today stands at 10,123 films. I have engaged the services of a neighbor's student daughter to keyboard a digital copy of the list for me. Working whenever time and mood allows, she is about half way through. So that's the story. And Sean Connery forever will be the one true Bond. 

See you at the movies.